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Everything you need to run your retail business.

Give your retail business a boost with our comprehensive range of business tools. Sell, receive payments, print receipts, do inventory counts, generate, scan/print barcodes and manage your customers all from one platform.

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Everything you need to run your retail business.

Main Features

  • Sell Better

    Sell Better

    Eliminate bulky POS hardware and expensive software and get started selling in minutes with the affordable Traction mobile POS. From here, you can sell from several outlets, multiple tills within outlets and monitor all activity from our easy to use web and mobile apps.

  • Receive Payments

    Receive Payments

    Receive card, cash, USSD and bank transfer payments easily on the same platform and save hours spent reconciling payments with sales.

  • Manage Inventory

    Manage Inventory

    Manage all your products and inventory in real time sync them with your sales. Never run out of stock on your critical products with our replenishment module. Automatically import your inventory from other tools and stay on top of all inventory movements. Conduct stock counts, apply discounts and many more on inventory management module

  • Build a relationship with customers

    Build a relationship with customers

    View, manage, reach and reward your customers from our easy to use CRM tool.

  • Powerful insights and reporting for your business

    Powerful insights and reporting for your business

    No more need for multiple spreadsheets and reports. Gain insights on your sales, inventory and customers with a robust web and mobile dashboard. Export reports for outside consumption in several formats.

  • Multistore management

    Multistore management

    Whether you have one store or twenty stores, Traction is right for you. Manage many stores under one business. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers - everything you need to know in one place

  • Manage your employees

    Manage your employees

    Create and manage employee account and access rights. Track performance of each employee and cashier in your retail stores, so you can reward good performers

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