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Modern retail and invoicing for African Entrepreneurs

Manage sales, send invoices, receive payments, manage inventory, and a do lot more on Traction.

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  • Selling integrated, simplified

    Selling integrated, simplified

    Traction Retail is an integrative suite that brings your store, customer management, back office, and business operations all in one place.

  • Beautiful, professional invoices

    Beautiful, professional invoices

    Create and send beautiful and professional invoices in minutes with your own branding, get paid faster and stay on top of your work.

Why choose Traction Apps?

  • Mobile-first


    TractionApps is built on the philosophy of mobile-first, enabling you to run your business from anywhere and the convenience of your palm.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Traction is so easy and intuitive you'll be surprised we still publish a guide. Well, we do make these guides to make it even easier and convenient.

  • Works offline

    Works offline

    Keep your business running whether you are online or offline. Traction works offline, allowing you to sync data once you get reconnected

  • Access to services

    Access to services

    Gain access to other services through Traction Apps. From loans, to advisory and suppliers, Traction is your gateway to growth

  • Your money lands fast

    Your money lands fast

    Enjoy same day settlement on any payments received via the Traction platform. No stories!

  • Data portability

    Data portability

    Your data on Traction is exactly that—your data! You can always export it out of Traction in CSV or PDF format.

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