Customer management to grow your sales

Grow your customer database, implement loyalty programs, focus on driving sales

Update in real time

Save customer information during checkout, capture all relevant customer information

Get more productive

Run targeted loyalty programs to ensure your customers get the most out of your services

Identify your top customers

Pinpoint your most loyal customers and understand their spending habits

Build fruitful customer relationships

Develop your customer database seamlessly

Add new customers on checkout
Create detailed customer profiles
Import your existing customer list to Traction

Analyse customer behaviour

Know your top spending customers
Identify your fastest moving products
Develop targeted loyalty programs for existing customers

Do more than just accept payments

Track your payments

Track all payments; receive payment confirmation, reconcile sales directly from your phone.

List your products

Create an online catalogue of your products, access product information offline.

Power up your business

Access numerous business tools and features including: same day settlement, CRM, e-wallet, etc.

Do more than just accept payments

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