Accept and confirm bank transfers rapidly

Empower your cashiers to accept & confirm payments without having to call anyone

Save more time

Receive payment confirmation in app within 30 seconds. No more calls of “Have you gotten alert”

Ensure authenticity

View payee name within the App to ensure payments are coming from the right person

Improve customer service

Expand your payment options, process payments quickly, provide receipts

Seamless payment experience for
your customers

Manage payments easily

Track payments, avoid confirmation delays.
Empower your employees
Easily reconcile sales
Issue receipts

How does our Bank transfer work?

Create a fixed account with Traction

Easily create as many accounts as you need
Customise account names
Assign accounts to specific stores

Display to Customers

Share with your customer via whatsapp, and more
Receive a Bank Transfer dangler to showcase your account details

Confirm Payment

Confirm payments within 30 seconds in app
Avoid your employees calling you for alert
View payee details on every transaction

Do more than just accept payments

Track your payments

Track all payments in real time, See who has paid you, View all payouts in real time

List your products

Create a digital catalogue of your products, record sales, manage your inventory

Power up your business

Access numerous business tools and features including: same day settlement, customer management, employee management, invoicing etc.

Get started now to grow your business.

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