Seamless inventory management for your business

Keep track of all your inventory across multiple store locations

Save more time

Automate stock reconciliation processes, allowing you to focus on selling

Do more with your stock

Transfer inventory across stores, run discount campaigns on slow moving products

Grow your revenue

Gain insight on your fastest and best selling products to make sure you never run out

Stock control made easy

Manage your inventory from one device

Manage inventory across multiple locations
Manage inventory across multiple channels
Quick product lookups across multiple devices
Track your fastest moving products

Do more than just accept payments

Track your payments

Track all payments; receive payment confirmation, reconcile sales directly from your phone.

List your products

Create an online catalogue of your products, access product information offline.

Power up your business

Access numerous business tools and features including: same day settlement, CRM, e-wallet, etc.

Do more than just accept payments

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