Live life on your own terms working with Traction

Earn up to N200,000 per month, when you onboard merchants on the Traction platform

₦ 150k total earnings

I make up to ₦80,000 per month working as a Traction ISA.

Bank Transfer

Payment made +₦5,000

Live life on your own terms working with Traction

Earn up to N200,000 per month, when you onboard merchants on the Traction platform

Who is a Sales Agent (SA)?

A Sales Agent is any entrepreneurial individual who is looking to earn commissions from introducing Traction’s products and services to businesses and onboarding them on the Traction Platform.


Sell Traction products

As a Traction SA, you get to sell Traction products & Earn commission on each sale.


Onboard Merchants

Onboard interested merchants & take record of uninterested merchants to earn.


Provide Support

Provide Customer support to as a Traction SA to merchants when necessary.


Deploy Terminals

Request & deploy POS terminals to interested Merchants.

What is the SA Program?

The SA program empowers you to earn passively by being a part of a community of sales ambassadors who are compensated to advertise and market Tractions products and services (POS Terminals, Bank Transfers and Loans) to businesses.

Perks of a SA

Earn Commissions on all Businesses onboarded.

Flexible working hours.

Earn as high as N200,000 in a month.

Access to learning and growth opportunities in Traction.

Join the Traction team full time.

How to become a Traction SA

Become a ISA in three easy steps

Join the WhatsApp group to get onboarded

To get started as a Traction SA, you’ll need to join the SA whatsApp group to get onboarded and Trained to sell Traction products & Services
Click here to join

Get the SA app on the Playstore

After you have joined the WhatsApp group and have been assigned an ASM, you’ll have to download the Traction Sales App from the google playstore and register an account

Get to Work & Start Earning

Complete the registration process on the SA App, Start Selling & Start earning! it is as simple as that.


Earn & Live life on your Terms

Download the Sales App

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traction about?

Traction is a FinTech that provides innovative business and financial tools to support business owners from ideation to expansion. Some of these tools include Inventory management, invoicing, online stores etc. Traction also helps SMEs/ business owners receive payments easily with the use of flexible payments on POS terminals, Bank Transfer Solution and USSD.

How do I become an SA?

First click link to join the training and onboarding group. Next, you will be assigned to an Area Sales Manager (ASM) who coordinates your region (city or state). You will download the SA app and answer questions on the app to test your knowledge of the job and if you pass, you can start onboarding Merchants on your app.

Do I need a Referral code to join ?

No, you don’t need a referral code to join but if you were referred by another SA, please use their refrral code during signup on the app.

Is there a target I need to meet as an SA?

Yes, your targets are determined by Traction and wil be communicated to you through your ASM

Do I need any form of training before I join?

Yes you need to be trained.
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